How it all began…

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” (Job 9:10)


When the laboratory results confirmed that we were going to be parents, we were elated and for a month debated on whether it would be “a” boy or “a” girl.  It was the first scan that revealed the unimaginable – there were four gestational sacs in the womb indicating quadruplets; one of which was not as developed as the others.  The second scan confirmed that we were going to have triplets.  The doctors warned us that the chances of survival was minimal and that we might lose any or all of the babies.  We were advised to go for a fetal reduction that would remove one baby, thereby increasing the chances of survival for the remaining two.  We said “NO” to that and there began our walk of faith.

We couldn’t look beyond the day we were living.  God was giving us a triple blessing, but alongside was tripled the morning sickness, weariness and emotional turmoil.  It was just God’s grace that led us one day at a time… and He never took a day off !!!

The doctors prepared us for a pre-term delivery but an emergency cesarean in the 7th month did take us off-guard.  We were not ready – not emotionally, not physically, not financially.  And yet His peace filled us as we sent out word for prayer.

By 8am on December 10th 2007, our 3 baby boys were on their way to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).  They weighed just over a kilogram each and they needed a machine to stimulate their lungs to breathe.  They had to undergo a battery of tests and were poked at every imaginable place – they hardly had the strength to cry.  Through apnea (forgetting to breathe), blood infection, jaundice, excessive vomiting and skin infection the Lord sustained our babies.  

So very grateful for the huge prayer support from family, friends and fellow believers.  It was a day of great rejoicing when the doctors finally told us the babies were “clinically stable”.  50 days in the hospital – the Lord that gave them life, made them live.  Even as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo went through the fire but “…there was no smell of fire on them” (Daniel 3:27); so did our babies come out of the NICU with no indication of the ordeal they had been through.

It makes us smile when people ask us how we manage 3 baby boys – we tell them, “We’re just running on God’s grace”.  We cannot pretend that things have been easy.  We have been through varied struggles – emotional, physical, financial and even spiritual; but our God has been faithful.  “… we went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance” (Psalm 66:12).

We have named our sons Jason, Jon and Judah based on the significance of their names.  Jason means “Healer”, Jon means “God is gracious” and Judah means “Praise”.  Indeed, God their Healer has been Gracious and to Him we give all the Praise!

I’m delighted to share my story with you to encourage you in whatever challenge you may be facing in your life.  If I can be of any support to you, feel free to get in touch with me and I will get back to you.

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19 comments to How it all began…

  • Preetza

    Am touched :)) stay blessed always

  • Jeny Jean

    Thanks dear for this blog… really and truly inspirational… encourages me to stand firm in my faith for our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is in control of everything we are concerned with!
    Thanks once again for being an instrument for Him… looking forward to read more of your posts… 🙂

    • Thank you Jeny for the encouragement.. Your comment truly means a lot to me.. God bless!

      • Jeny Jean

        Believe me when i say this…. after reading your blog posts, I really would love to meet up with you… i know we don’t know each other, but we do have a very common best Friend who knows us both very well….
        Let our special Friend fix up the date, day & time!!! What Say??? !!!

        Continue to be a blessing dear……. Praising God that I could be introduced to you thro’ His grace… 🙂 <3

  • Cicelia

    Very touched. God Bless you for sharing his blessing in your life:) Way to go!!!

  • veena

    every time I read, hear or remember this story… it brings tears to my eyes and cant stop praising God. Love you all 🙂 and Praise God for this blog …

  • Rithun

    Your story is truly an inspiration for the fact that you did not make it sound rosy..the challenges you faced truly reached out to me…Sheena Chechi, pls keep writing..It just made my day.God bless you 🙂

  • Michelle Samuel

    Touched! Moved and Praising God with you! I bet your sons are going to be dynamites for Christ 🙂

  • Vimihary

    Dear sheena,
    I am very much encouraged by the message. After losing 2 baby boys one after the other in 2 years, I am carrying my first baby now in my third pregnancy. Have undergone a cervical stitches in the 14 week and now I am in my 19th week. Need your prayers dear. Trusting God and waiting for my miracle baby.


  • Amazing story Binny and Sheena.. Hats off to both of you for being such great parents! Very touching story

  • Daniel Kiran

    Hey……I happened to juz scroll the page down for new updates and had to stop at ur post after looking at the lil one’s pic…..Then i went on reading the tales of ur kids….
    and i am really touched by them…. the way they are personalizing their GOD and feeling a belongingness really impressed me, and that did not stop there….
    I also read how GOD was instrumental in bringing these TRIO into this world….

    Such a blessing knowing that…..

    GOD bless u all……

  • Thank you for linking your story up to my Birth Story Series! I was so touched by it when I first read it through the Growing Home Blog and it is still just as powerful!

  • Praising God for his mercy and love to you. What a sweet testimony!

    I’m sorry you were caught off guard with your c-section, though. I’ve written an eBook to help women prepare for unexpected (as well as planned) c-sections. After six, I’ve learned a few things.

    Your boys are precious gifts.


  • What a beautiful story…my daughter has identical twins, her first daughter was a preemie too weighing only 2pds 11oz at birth. The twins were her second pregnancy and they were 4pds each. Our son had a 5pd son who was also in nicu so we are very familiar with the nicu setting. Your babies are adorable.

  • Heather

    What an amazing story & testament to God’s grace! Your boys are beautiful!

  • […] memories of the 50 days they spent in the NICU still bring tears to my eyes – but you already know that […]

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