A Million Little Choices


I sighed as I set the alarm on my phone for 4:15 AM. I had to be up early the following morning to pick my mother up from the railway station. After a little consideration, I set the alarm on my husband’s phone as well, and kept both the phones far out of my reach {I’m an expert at switching off the alarm and going back to sleep… and then wondering why it never rang in the first place :D}.

When my alarm rang the next morning, I could barely even open my eyes. I hurriedly switched it off and reached out to switch off my husband’s phone as well. I closed my eyes for just a quick second and considered my options…

  • I could snooze for just a few minutes and risk oversleeping.
  • I could force myself to wake up, right away.

I sighed and forced myself up to a sitting position. Through bleary eyes, I could make out the dark figures of my family, blissfully asleep. I made the difficult, but right choice. I got right out of bed, freshened up and rushed off to the railway station.

On my one hour ride to the station (and another one hour wait for the train), I pondered the little choice I made, so early in the morning. And I realized, we all make choices, everyday… several choices, too many to count, in fact… Subtle choices, we don’t even realize we make. Right from the second our alarms beep in the mornings…

Do we choose to wake up? Or do we choose to hit the snooze button?

Do we choose to open our Bibles? Or do we postpone it, in favor of checking our email (or Facebook)?

Do we choose to prepare healthy meals for our family? Or opt for something more convenient?

I asked myself some hard questions…

Do I take extra time to cuddle up with my sons when they wake up? Or do I hastily shake them awake and rush them off to school?

Do I choose to read a hundred blog posts? Or do I choose to act on just one good post I’ve read?

Do I choose to read a book with the kids? Or do I conveniently pop in a DVD to entertain them?

Do I spend time playing with my sons? Or do I just watch them play, when I’m distracted with something trivial?

Do I choose to serve my husband when he returns home after a long day’s work? Or do I expect him to take care of himself?

When I need a snack, do I reach for the fruit basket? Or the cookie jar?

Do I snap in irritation at my sons’ disobedience? Or do I patiently try to figure out why they are acting that way?

Do I dread doing the dishes? Or am I thankful that my family had a full meal?

Do I choose to let a difficult day get the better of me? Or do I give thanks through the dark clouds and look for the silver lining?

Do I murmur and complain about my situation? Or am I glad that I’m exactly where God wants me to be?

Add all these up, and in a lifetime we are faced with a million little choices. Do we choose to make the right ones?

Choices that lead to joy and peace in the family. Choices that glorify God. Choices that we won’t regret making, later in the day (or life)… {I wish I had woken up earlier… I wish I had read to my kids today… I wish I wasn’t so grumpy all day… I wish I had listened to my husband… I wish I had been more patient…} Any of that sound familiar? πŸ™‚

Today, I am choosing to open my eyes and recognize the choices as they come my way. I choose joy, peace, happiness, love, hope and everything else good and positive. I choose to make the right choices, today!

“…Β therefore choose life …” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

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