34 Things I Love About You

It’s my husband’s birthday today… which means it’s that time of the year when I write a mushy blog post listing all the things I love about him 😉 .

{If you’d rather go read something else, I wouldn’t blame you! How about some inspiration, links I love, parenting stuff or stories about the trio?}

Well, here goes…

34 Things I Love About You

To the one my heart loves, here are 34 things I love about you!

  1. The way you look in a suit.
  2. Wrestling with you for the remote.
  3. Your taste in music that has {slightly} influenced mine.
  4. For accepting my limitations.
  5. That you are a responsible son / son-in-law.
  6. For listening to me when I vent out my frustrations.
  7. The times you’ve cooked when I’ve had a work deadline.
  8. For being someone I can look up to for spiritual guidance.
  9. For ordering pizza on nights I’m too tired to cook.
  10. The Saturdays you took the kids with you to church.
  11. For bringing your friends (and their wives) into my life.
  12. The times you’ve sneaked ice-cream into the house just for me.
  13. For doing the dishes when I burn my hand cooking.
  14. For chipping in with the cooking after I’ve burnt myself.
  15. When you tearfully chop onions for me.
  16. For dressing up the kids’ wounds every time they fall.
  17. The way you delight in imitating my quirkiness.
  18. For taking us out to 3D movies the kids will enjoy.
  19. The way you talk about cars & bikes with the boys.
  20. For taking us to the super bike show on Mother’s Day this year.
  21. For teaching the kids to respect me.
  22. The time you walked to work because you didn’t want to disturb the puppies snuggled up under the car.
  23. That you can keep your cool, even when the kids are pushing all your buttons.
  24. Your eagerness to gift the kids something new, once in a while.
  25. Your commitment to stay where God has placed you.
  26. For listening to my ramblings about days past.
  27. That you care for me more than I care for myself.
  28. The cross-trainer you plotted beforehand to buy me.
  29. For being my cockroach-slayer.
  30. The hands-on computer lesson you gave the kids.
  31. The way you share what God’s been telling you lately.
  32. The brunch date you planned for my birthday.
  33. For keeping a listening ear to what God wants for our family.
  34. The way you make me fall in love with you all over again, even after 7+ years!

I’m definitely blessed to be your wife!

To all the married women out there…
Go ahead, write a note, a text, an email.
Let your husband know all that you love about him.
You’ll be glad you did!


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