My 2014 Goals: Quarterly Update 1

My Annual Goals: 2014

You know how these big companies have quarterly audits to gauge how they are doing? I’ve found that to be a very healthy practice, not just in the corporate world, but even for ourselves. Back in January, I set a bunch of goals I wanted to achieve in 2014 – actually 10 goals, to be exact.

Well, here’s my first quarterly audit on those goals. I share them here for accountability, and hopefully to motivate you too to set goals and achieve them.


1. Complete 4 Bible studies with Good Morning Girls{Completed the Intentionally Focused study, and I’ve started with the Easter study.}

2. Read through the books of Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges & Ruth. {I’m done with Leviticus and Numbers; just started with Deuteronomy.}


3. Read at least 12 full-length, non-fiction books – ideally one each month. {I read The Wall Around Your Heart and Help for Women Under Stress. I also read The Pursuit of God (free download) which is a smaller book, and a couple of historical Bible-based fiction books.}

4. Complete the Titus 2 University eCourse. {I’ve completed just 5 weeks of this course… need to pick up the pace on this one.}


5. Walk a 3 Km stretch by the end of the year. {I’ve been fairly regular with walking, but the maximum distance I’ve walked is only 2.2 Km.}


6. Go out on 4 dates with my husband. {Umm… I’m guessing the late night movie we watched together doesn’t count. What can I say? We haven’t been out on a date yet this year.}


7. Teach the kids 12 verses – one each month. {They’ve memorized 3 verses so far.}

8. Teach the kids 12 family ways – one each month. {Only 2 done till now.}

Home Management:

9. Follow the Confident Mom home management planner. {This went well for the first 2 months and then it slipped away.}


10. Write 120 blog posts this year. {I’ve written 29 blog posts so far, not including this one.}

I realize I need to pick up the pace in a few areas, and maintain the pace in others. Hopefully the next quarter’s update will be more promising!

Have you set any goals for this year?
How has your progress been?


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