A Habit A Month: June

As our family gears up for another academic year, we’re desperately trying to put the craziness of summer behind us. But that’s easier said, than done! The kids start school in a week’s time, and we’re having a tough time getting them back into a routine.

So, this month, it’s all about working out an effective morning schedule and sticking to it. I’m working on a schedule that will include:

  • My morning routine (before the kids wake up).
  • The kids’ routine, as they get ready for school.
  • My routine after the kids leave for school.

Ideally, before the kids wake up, I should be able to finish my quiet time, exercise, daily planning, and get the kids’ food and school stuff ready.

After the kids wake up, it’s pretty straight forward – get them ready, get them fed and get them to the bus on time. Umm… not exactly! It’s usually a pretty trying time, waking the kids up and doing everything three times over. I’m praying for strength and loads of patience to get me through this :).

After the kids leave, I intend to do my Bible study, daily chores, a weekly chore, clear up some clutter, blog and get lunch ready, before heading out to pick the kids up.

I’m hoping a routine will train the kids to do things by themselves, without me reminding them every 2 seconds. And I’ve got to get cracking this very week, a full-fledged attempt to get them prepared, before school starts next week. The rest of the month will be spent working out the kinks in our schedule and making it work for us.

This challenge is about working on just one habit a month – one small step at a time. Focus on just one area in your life that needs an overhaul and make it the habit you want to develop this month. It could be as simple as waking up early or spending time with God everyday. This would be an opportunity for you to actually take a step forward and work on that one good habit you have always wanted to develop. Or kick that one bad habit that has always been nagging your conscience. Are you up for it? Who’s with me?

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