Welcome to my new online home!

Welcome to my new online home!

So, I did something crazy over the past month. I moved my blog over to SheenaGershom.com! I won’t bore you with all the technical details, but let me just say, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a couple of years now. I just didn’t want to take the risk of actually taking the plunge… until now.

During a time of prayer in March, I could feel God impressing on my heart to go ahead with this project. I laid out a few conditions… (kinda like Gideon laid out the fleece) and what do you know… things did fall in place!

I actually had fun fiddling with the code, and trying my hand at web design too. I know it’s not professional – there are a few more design elements to be added, and the dust hasn’t settled down yet… but I’m happy to have it up and running.

I’ll be getting back to sharing real life and lessons learned from God’s Word! I hope you’ll stick around!


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Why I Write

Why I Write

I love the written word. I love reading it, I love writing it, I love typing it! But I hadn’t always embraced it. Reading was always my most favorite thing to do in the world. Writing, not so much. When my 6th grade English teacher said that my essay on Heidi was remarkably good, I was thrilled but didn’t read too much into her comment.

It wasn’t until I turned 14, that I truly embraced writing. And it began with God’s word. I would write a verse from the Bible each day, and write down what I learned from it. I didn’t realize then, that this habit was actually called, “Bible Study”. About that time, I also began writing a page each day about everything that was happening in my life. It’s how I processed my day.

Over the next dozen years, I kept writing in my journal – not on a daily basis but as and when I needed to pour my heart out. Sometimes it would be a “Dear God” kind of letter, on other days I would record answered prayers. I truly enjoyed writing down my confused thoughts and seeing them make sense on paper 🙂 .

It wasn’t until I started doing a Good Morning Girls Bible study, that I seriously considered blogging (although I had been reading Christian Mommy blogs for months prior to that). Just a couple of days into the 1 John Bible study, I came across these verses:

“That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you,
that ye also may have fellowship with us:
and truly our fellowship is with the Father,
and with his Son Jesus Christ.
And these things write we unto you,
that your joy may be full.”
(1 John 1:3-4)

Here’s what I wrote in my journal that day:

What John saw/heard about Jesus, he told others. I have to tell people what I know about Jesus. I should be able to put my testimony down on paper (a blog?) and share it with everybody. Could a blog be my ministry?

This was in September 2011… one month later, I started blogging. I knew it’s what God wanted me to do. I did create a fancy blogging purpose a while back to remind myself what (or whom) exactly I was blogging for.

All that said, writing for me goes beyond blogging. I ended last year writing at least a dozen pages in my journal. I wasn’t blogging during that time frame, but I certainly was writing. Sometimes, God allows me to share it here online, and sometimes not.

But I’ve realized one thing. I can’t not write! It’s as simple as that.

I want to ask you one question today. What is that one thing that you can’t not do. It could be pursuing a new dream or just reviving an old hobby. If you know God wants you to do it, go ahead and do it! You will experience the fullness of joy that comes from walking in God’s will. And He’ll be sure to touch someone else through your obedience.

Stay blessed!


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An Apology & An Update

An Apology & An Update

The Apology

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. While I know no one is waiting with bated breath for a new post to hit their inboxes… I feel I’ve let God and myself down by not writing in this space.

This blog is more than an online journal for me. It is a calling to embrace my love for the written word, and to encourage others through it. For ignoring that, I apologize…

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve experienced a lot of physical and emotional lows that waged a war in my spirit and left me drained. With the boys falling sick, pressing deadlines at work and a new dimension of my husband’s ministry through our local church, I couldn’t handle it all and I flailed.

It took me a while (and a whole lot of God’s help) to get back on my feet and regain my focus! 🙂

The Update

I’m amazed every time someone tells me they were encouraged through my blog or the verses I share on Facebook. But I know I shouldn’t be – God has some use for even the cracked vessels of this world! God has a way of coating my imperfections with His grace to give His children the words they need to read… and for that, I’m grateful!

Considering that this year has been the most pathetic ever in my blogging career, things can only get better, right?! 😉

I hope to write more – even if it’s imperfect and not very pretty. Writing about God, His grace and the lessons He’s teaching me is a balm to my soul, and I pray it will be to yours as well.

Wishing you God’s best,

~ Sheena


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Blogging with Purpose

It’s been approximately 4 months since I started blogging. What started as a hobby – a hint of how God was working in our family has exploded in to something bigger. But I’ve had quite a few road blocks along the way. Some days, I have so many ideas to share; but hardly any time left in my day. Other days, I find my mind completely blank – with absolutely nothing to write about. On some frustrating days, I have the post all ready in my head, but it doesn’t reach cyberspace; either because of a power cut, or a faulty internet connection.

A combination of these days over the past few weeks got me thinking. I wanted this blog to have a definite purpose – a mission, so to speak. I wanted it to be simple. And easy to remember, so I could remind myself; if ever I get side-tracked in my writing. I checked in with God, and together we’ve come up with something. The purpose of my blog would be to:

  1. Glorify God
  2. Encourage Readers
  3. Motivate Myself

I even got a acronym out of it – GEM; simple and easy to remember :)!

I want my blog to glorify God, because without Him and His inspiration, there will be no blog. Or there will be a blog, with no one to read it or be inspired by it. I want my words to reflect His goodness, His grace and His mercy. And through it, I hope you will find inspiration to push you onward and upward in your daily walk with God.

I want my blog to encourage you, the reader. Let me be honest, I never ever thought so many of you would stop by to read it. I am floored that you would take the time to do so. Whether it is planning, parenting or homemaking; I hope this blog helps you overcome the everyday struggles of your life.

I least expected this blog to motivate me – after all, that wasn’t my intention when I started it. However, blogging has helped me come out of my shell and connect with other like minded people. Sharing the habit I’m working on each month with you, has kept me on my toes. And I have to work every single day towards achieving my monthly goals. Blogging pushes me forward and keeps me accountable.

So, that’s it. The purpose of this blog is to G – Glorify God, E – Encourage Readers and M – Motivate Myself. Better late than never… And it’s never too late to figure out your purpose, right 😉 ?

If you are a blogger, do you have a purpose or mission statement for your blog? Leave me a comment, and I’ll be sure to stop by your blog. For all the non-bloggers out there, have you ever thought of starting a blog? Why or why not?