3 Reasons Why I Like Being a Work at Home Mom

3 Reasons Why I Like Being a Work at Home Mom

The Back Story

Once upon a time (when I was 14, to be exact) I decided I wanted to become a computer programmer. The following years were spent preparing for a future in the IT industry.

I chose the Computer Science track for my final years of school, and completed my Masters in Software Engineering too. During my last year in college, I even got placed in a good IT company.

I thought I had it all.

But then my dream crumbled, and I realized corporate life did not give me the satisfaction I craved. I loved being employed though, and grumbled a lot when I had to give up my job to become a full-time mother of triplets.

Eventually, God helped me embrace my role as a wife, mother and homemaker. But 2 years ago, He also unexpectedly gave me the opportunity to work part time from home.

I now have the best of both worlds. I get to work, AND be there for my kids.

While there are challenges in trying to balance a work at home career, there are three specific reasons I prefer working from home.

3 Reasons Why I Like Being a Work at Home Mom

1. I get to use my talents

I remember creating my first website in college. We had to type in raw HTML code into a notepad and open it in a browser. My, how times have changed!

Setting up a simple blog takes less than an hour these days. Although I don’t deal with a lot of code now, I still get to fiddle around with HTML and CSS once in a while. I get to use the logic-oriented side of my brain to lay out web pages based on the instructions given to me.

I also rediscovered my love for writing when I started blogging, which has branched out into content writing for client websites. Writing code and content online – that is pretty much my sweet spot right there!

2. I get to stay home

Hiring a full-time cook/nanny/housekeeper is expensive, as is daycare for 3 children. We bypass these expenses because I’m always at home.

I usually work when the kids are at school, but my work hours are flexible to accommodate real life. This comes in handy when the kids fall sick, unexpected guests drop in, or even if we have to travel to visit my parents or in-laws in another state.

I can work from anywhere, provided I have my laptop and an internet connection. I’ve had to work extra hours to meet deadlines, but that is not the norm. I’m usually able to finish my work in time, so it doesn’t affect my other duties at home.

I salute those mothers who are up at the break of dawn to take care of their family’s needs before heading out to work. I wish I had that kind of stamina, but I know my limits. I’m well aware that working a whole day outside the house would leave me exhausted with nothing left to give for my family.

3. I get to be of help

Yes, I do get paid a reasonable sum. But that is not my incentive to work. I know that the work I do is personally benefiting someone else, and that’s what keeps me going. This is one essential factor that was sorely lacking at my corporate job.

Right now, I work solely for Sunu Philip – founder of Clothed In Scarlet and Get Found Online. I’m proud to say, she is both my employer and friend. Over the past couple of years we’ve developed an easy camaraderie as sisters in Christ, and I’m glad I can use my strengths to assist her with her business.

I don’t know how mothers who work full time outside the house do it all. Hats off to you! On the other hand, a huge applause to stay at home moms who’ve given up dreams and careers so they can savor the growth of their children first hand. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job in itself!

No doubt, the choice you’ve made is the best possible one for your family. Each of our circumstances are different, and we’ve each chosen to stay at home, work at home, or work outside the home based on what’s best for our family.

God has uniquely qualified and equipped you to do your best in all the roles you’ve undertaken. He will give you the grace to not just survive, but thrive!

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A Habit A Month: Work at Home Plan

A Habit a Month

Once upon a time… (err… well, actually until a year ago), I had a regular feature on the blog called, “A Habit A Month“, where I shared one habit I’d worked on that month. Umm… except that the habit I’m currently working on took about 10 months to master. Yes, you heard that right… 10 MONTHS! And it wasn’t such an impossible-to-master habit either.

Way back in May last year, I started working on my ‘Work at Home’ plan. I had been working from home for 2 months at that time and I really wanted to streamline my work schedule. Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned.

While I did know how to optimize my day, implementing it consistently on a regular basis was a totally different matter. Over the past 10 months, I’ve had some good days, and some bad days; days I’ve burned out, and days I’ve flailed; days when sickness took a toll on our family, and days I’ve been on the verge of insanity. But I’m happy to say, after months of working on it, I now have a reasonable work schedule that accommodates irregularities at home and pressing work deadlines.

I work an average of 4 – 5 hours a day.

    • 2 hours before lunch when my boys are away at school.
    • 2 hours after lunch while the sons rest or play.
    • About 15 – 30 minutes after dinner to wind things up (if required).

The challenge was to make sure my part-time work did not affect my primary role as wife, mother and homemaker. My schedule now seems to have a delicate balance, that just might continue to work even if something unexpected comes along. I’m quite happy with this schedule and it works for now. I will have to make some changes in June though, when the boys start Grade 1 and stay back longer in school.

And with that, I’m winding up the “A Habit A Month” feature on the blog. Let’s face it, I do not have the time or energy to work intentionally on one more thing within a month’s time. If I do manage to master a habit, I’ll be sure to blog about it!


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5 Steps To Optimize Your Day

I’m an expert at making a mile-long to-do list and not getting much done by the end of the day.  I recently took stock of my responsibilities and the time I have in hand and realized I wasn’t utilizing my time properly.  I ended up following a step by step approach that helped me streamline my day and make the best use of my time.

To read more about the strategy I followed that boosted my productivity and helped me work more efficiently, head on over to Clothed In Scarlet where I’m sharing 5 simple steps to optimize your day.

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Introducing… Clothed in Scarlet !!!

I’ve been longing to share this news for the past few weeks, but just didn’t get around to writing a blog post about it!  I’ve been working for a friend over the past 2 months to create a brand new website for women – Clothed In Scarlet.

Clothed in Scarlet

“There are millions of websites out there… Why another one?”, you might wonder.  The mission behind this website is to equip women spiritually and financially – to provide practical knowledge and tools to help women harness their talents and make a living with it.

God has given each of us unique strengths to fulfill His purpose in our lives.  The founder of Clothed in Scarlet (Sunu Philip, a dear friend of mine) has a passion to help women discover their potential and make the most of it.  She has been supplementing her family’s income from home over the past 6 years and now wants to empower other women to do the same.

Here is a sampling of my contribution to the website:

So go ahead, check it out!  There is even a free kit available for subscribers!  Just being a part of this venture has blessed me in so many ways.  I pray it is a blessing to you as well.

P.S. – If you take a peek at the About page, you might find a familiar face :).