Counting My Blessings: 1501 to 1510

Counting My Blessings

Every week (more or less), I share on the blog all the good things (and bad) I am grateful to God for.  If you’d like to know more, check out these blog posts on why I do it and how to get started.  Care to join me on this journey of intentional thanksgiving?

1501. A home makeover!

1502. A full blown Nerf-gun war between father and sons.

1503. A blessed, hectic Easter weekend.

1504. Witnessing a friend’s baptism.

1505. Summer rain.

1506. Late night chats with friends.

1507. A husband who can work from home once in a while.

1508. Playing UNO with the family.

1509. A blog header I’m finally happy with!

1510. Having good friends over.

Are you in the habit of counting your blessings? I mean, literally counting them 1, 2, 3… Would you consider joining me on this journey? Would you dare to live fully, right where you are?


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