Five Minute Friday: Last

I’m writing for 5 minutes today on the word: Last.

I see raising 3 boys as an ongoing roller coaster ride.  It’s been scary, exhilarating, frustrating, mind-blowing, stressful and fun!  When I look back at the first few years, it all seems a blur, though.  I really couldn’t have made it without God’s grace and my husband’s support.

While I’m so grateful that the triplets are a bit older and more understanding now, I wonder if I missed out on being intentional in their toddler years.  Agreed, each day was a struggle and I couldn’t wait for them to grow up.

But still…

Was I so excited they could walk, that I missed their last crawl?

Was I so happy they learned to talk, that I missed the last gurgle?

Was I so relieved they could take care of themselves, that I missed the last time I’d brush their teeth, wipe wet faces or comb their hair?

I sure hope not…

The memories are still there, and I hope to never forget.

But that reminds me of now…  today!  I can be intentional with the time I spend with my boys right this moment!

The trio - 1 year old

I can savor sweet random kisses.

I can smile more, frown less.

I can say “Yes” to playing on the floor with them.

I can live more, hurry less.

I can let hugs linger longer at bedtime.

And then I won’t miss…

The last time Jason asks me to draw a big helicopter.

The last time Jon crawls into my lap and lays his head on my shoulder.

The last time Judah wants to help me in the kitchen.

The years are flying by, and there will be many lasts.  Let’s not hurry through life and miss out on them, shall we?

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