Counting My Blessings: 1281 to 1295

Counting My Blessings

Every week, I share on the blog all the good things (and bad) I am grateful to God for.  If you’d like to know more, check out these blog posts on why I do it and how to get started.  Care to join me on this journey of intentional thanksgiving?

1281. Jason reciting all the synonyms for the word “finished” in English and Tamil, just for fun!

1282. A plastic stool that bears the marks of Judah’s incessant drumming.

1283. Jon’s glee as he played with bubble wrap.

1284. The nebulizer we bought 4 years ago.

1285. An empty kitchen sink.

1286. Viewing NICU pictures with the kids.

1287. Difficult study sessions.

1288. This reminder.

1289. The sons ardently listening to the father narrating the transformation of Saul to Paul.

1290. Sons who keep themselves occupied for the most part of the day.

1291. A determined husband…

1292. …who coerced me to drive the car….

1293. …and I didn’t freak out! {a minor miracle}

1294. Hope in Christ for those on the waiting list for a miracle.

1295. An encouraging reply to my comment on this post.

Are you in the habit of counting your blessings?  I mean, literally counting them 1, 2, 3… Would you consider joining me on this journey?  Would you dare to live fully, right where you are?

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