The Prints We Leave Behind

Yesterday, the kids were watching “The Cat in the Hat” on TV while I wound up work.  In this particular episode, the Cat, Sally & Nick identify the footprints of various animals and track them down.  Needless to say, my kids’ curiosity was piqued and they wanted to do it too.  I promised we’d do it this morning on our walk to the school bus, and we did!

We saw paw prints, shoe prints, and a variety of tire tracks.  The boys were so enthusiastic as they tried to identify each vehicle that left behind tracks.  We spent a good 10-15 minutes doing this and it was time well spent! 🙂

So anyway, this got me thinking about the prints we parents leave on our kids as we go through life.

As we plod through our day, do we leave behind evidence of God’s grace that sustains us?

In sickness, does our faith in God’s healing power leave an impression on our kids’ minds?

When we discipline our kids, is there any evidence of the forgiveness that we ourselves have experienced from God?  Do we pass that on to our children?

In trying times, do our kids see us holding on to God and never letting go?

Do our words, expressions and actions pour out God’s love on to our little ones?

We leave prints on our children’s hearts everyday.  Are they delicate footprints of love and grace, or are they tire tracks that crush their tender spirits?

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