Introducing… Clothed in Scarlet !!!

I’ve been longing to share this news for the past few weeks, but just didn’t get around to writing a blog post about it!  I’ve been working for a friend over the past 2 months to create a brand new website for women – Clothed In Scarlet.

Clothed in Scarlet

“There are millions of websites out there… Why another one?”, you might wonder.  The mission behind this website is to equip women spiritually and financially – to provide practical knowledge and tools to help women harness their talents and make a living with it.

God has given each of us unique strengths to fulfill His purpose in our lives.  The founder of Clothed in Scarlet (Sunu Philip, a dear friend of mine) has a passion to help women discover their potential and make the most of it.  She has been supplementing her family’s income from home over the past 6 years and now wants to empower other women to do the same.

Here is a sampling of my contribution to the website:

So go ahead, check it out!  There is even a free kit available for subscribers!  Just being a part of this venture has blessed me in so many ways.  I pray it is a blessing to you as well.

P.S. – If you take a peek at the About page, you might find a familiar face :).

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