32 Things I Love about You

Barely a month after I started blogging last year, I wrote a post on my husband’s 31st birthday listing 31 things I loved about him. Well, yesterday he turned 32. It was only fitting that I followed up this year with 32 things I love about him :). And maybe another 33 next year?!

Well, here goes… To the love of my life, here’s 32 things I love about you:

  1. Your obedience to God, even when it seems absurd.
  2. The way you wait on God before making major decisions.
  3. How you’ve set your priorities right.
  4. The way you hold on to a word God has given you.
  5. When you see I’m exhausted and you take up half my to-do list.
  6. Your commitment to work and provide for us.
  7. Your leadership – at home and at work.
  8. Your patience with the kids when i’m losing mine.
  9. The way you hair looks, naturally.
  10. Your constant encouragement with respect to my blog.
  11. The way you remind me of God’s promises when I am doubtful.
  12. Your simple answers to my complex questions.
  13. Your support when I’m an emotional mess.
  14. When you raise your eyebrows and give me that look.
  15. The two of us watching a movie in a theater for the first time together…
  16. … And walking out halfway through to pick up the kids.
  17. When you tried to get the kids to sing harmony.
  18. For making sure our finances are on track.
  19. The way you initiate family time – be it a movie or a trip to the beach.
  20. For fixing our laptop charger.
  21. The way you can straighten up our home in just 10 minutes.
  22. The laugh lines near your eyes.
  23. Rough boy fights with the kids.
  24. When you teach them to write…
  25. … Or learn a new Hindi rhyme.
  26. The way you answer the kids’ complex questions.
  27. For buying me running shoes…
  28. … And encouraging me to run.
  29. The way you sneak up on me and make me squeal.
  30. How you chide the kids when they disrespect me.
  31. The way you get excited when the kids love a toy you bought.
  32. The picture of you above – you are one good looking guy :).

{I’m so glad God chose me to be your wife.}

To all the married women out there… Go ahead, write a note, a text or an email… Let your husband know all that you love about him. You’ll be glad you did!

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