Boy Mom Blog Hop 2012

Today I am participating in a blog hop hosted by The MOB Society. {MOB stands for Mother Of Boys, by the way} Several boy mom bloggers will be writing about their boys and linking up at The MOB Society Boy Mom Blog Hop.

If you are a new here, “Welcome to An Imperfect Life”! And if you’re a regular reader, “Thank you so much for stopping by today”! An Imperfect Life… made perfect by Grace is a tapestry of life stories and inspiration from the Bible that I hope will encourage you in your daily life. The focus of this blog is to glorify God, encourage readers and motivate myself. Check out this post to read more about the purpose of my blog.

I am Sheena, mother of 4 year old male triplets – Jason, Jon and Judah.

My boys then:

And now:

My sons are living miracles. They are proof that God gave them life and sustained their lives, even when they stopped breathing. Although they are triplets and they look alike, they each have their own unique personality that sets them apart from their brothers.

When they aren’t running, jumping, climbing or fighting, they enjoy singing, playing with toy cars and building more cars with their Lego blocks. As adorable as they are, I must admit it is quite a challenge to raise 3 boys of the same age. I don’t think I would be able to survive even a single day without God’s grace and strength. And an honorable mention to my amazing husband, who is ever ready to do anything for his family.

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope and pray this blog is a blessing to you. Have a great day and God bless you!

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