Monthly Goals: March

A new month and it’s time to for a new set of monthly goals. But first, a recap of last month’s goals.

My goals for the month of February were:

  1. Stay up to date with the Good Morning Girls Ephesians Bible Study. — Done (I did miss out a few days in between, but I was soon able to catch up.)
  2. Teach the kids to write the alphabets (R-Z) and numbers (1-9). — Done (Although they still struggle with a few characters like “S” and “2”.)
  3. Teach the kids to recite Psalm 23:3. — Done
  4. Take pictures of my husband with our kids. — Done
  5. Take a CD backup of all the photos on our laptop. — Done (Finally! After several months of procrastination.)
  6. Read Tell Your Time and A Reluctant Queen. — Not Done (I completed Tell Your Time, but I managed to read only 5% of A Reluctant Queen.)

And my goals for the month of March are:

  1. Stay up to date with the Good Morning Girls Ephesians Bible Study.
  2. Finish reading A Reluctant Queen.
  3. Join Time-Warp Wife in a Bible Study on the book of Esther. (I will be trying to correlate this Bible study with my reading of A Reluctant Queen)
  4. Read Pursuit of Proverbs 31 and join the book study at Joyful Mothering. (I won a copy of the book from Mom with Heart and this will be my non-fiction book fix for this month.)
  5. Help the kids practice writing the alphabets (A-Z) and numbers (1-20).
  6. Teach the kids to recite Psalm 23:4.
  7. Organize all the videos on our laptop and take a DVD backup of the same.

I try to set my goals around my plans for this year; keeping in mind the legacy I want to leave behind. And it’s a good feeling to see the progress made in just a month.

Do you have the habit of setting weekly/monthly goals? If you do, how did you do last month? If you don’t, how do you keep track of things you need to get done?

6 comments to Monthly Goals: March

  • i too have started making elijah remember a verse and recite it. Psalm 23:1:P:P

  • Gunesh..Pararajasingam

    Sheea Darling,this is Gunesh aunty,I have always been reading your experiences
    And felt proud of your knowledge,presentation and faith. para uncle and me will
    Keep you in our prayed that our good Lord bless you with more wisdom, help you
    Enlarge your territory and keep you and yours as a blessing to many young
    Mothers.You really amaze me darling!!
    Yes, you are Highly favoured and Greatly loved.
    Continue your good works. Love you loads

    • Gunesh Aunty, thank you so much for the encouraging words. Your prayers and blessings mean a lot to me.. Our love to you and Para Uncle. God bless you both abundantly!

  • emmiejeno

    Sharon had problem with ‘s’ and ‘2’ …’9′ and ‘b’ and sometimes wrote T upside down…..some said it could be iron deficiency and some said negative stuff but i refused to beleive all those blaberring and now she is writing perfectly….its a kinda directional confusion phase they undergo i guess….:-)

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