A Trip to the Zoo

Our friends had long been urging us to accompany them on a trip to the local zoo. After several months, we finally set the date and went to the zoo last Saturday. This is just a photo recap of our day at the zoo.

We started off fairly early in the day. After buying our tickets at the zoo, we boarded a rickety bus that would take us on a safari to see the animals in their natural habitat. First up, the herbivores. We saw antelopes, wild buffaloes, spotted deer and boars. Here’s a funny picture my husband captured.

Oh and I alerted everybody that there were wild buffaloes in a lake we were crossing by… Only to be informed said buffaloes were actually rocks! Major oops moment!

Next up, the bus took us to the bear habitat. We were pretty much taken by surprise when the bus screeched to a sudden halt. There was a black bear standing stock still right in front of our bus. It looked like it owned the place – well actually that may be true… We were the intruders, after all.

We waited a few minutes for the bear to pass and then headed over to see the lions. Our first sighting was this lioness snoozing by the wayside.

I was a bit disappointed to see the other lions – they didn’t quite fit the title “King of the Jungle”. I suppose seeing that they were not truly in a jungle, it was to be expected. We moved on to the tiger sanctuary and this time, I was not disappointed.

We were greeted with a HUGE tiger standing in our way. Seriously, it was much bigger than the lions! It had a regal air around it – even its stance was stately. What a majestic creature!

We saw some white tigers as well, but in my opinion, I liked the rich colors on the other tigers better. Ummm… And as we were heading out of the sanctuary, I pointed out a sheep lying on the road – only to be informed, it was another rock! {Insert sheepish grin} I wonder if it’s time for another eye checkup :).

Here is a family of humans taking a pit stop after the safari…

We then proceeded to the zoo where we saw a myriad of creatures. We saw sloth bears, elephants, emus, zebras, wild buffaloes, cheetahs, jackals, spotted dear, black bucks, hippopotamuses and various species of monkeys and birds. There were several art students milling around, and it was a treat to see their hastily drawn sketches of the animals.

I have never been a bird lover – in fact, I thought the owls were quite creepy. But I was pretty impressed by the white peafowl – I found their snowy white feathers quite mesmerizing. My husband’s personal favorite was the Great Pied Hornbill – a uniquely beautiful bird indeed!

It took us about 4 to 5 hours to circle the entire zoo. Although the adults were worn out by the time we headed out, the kids seemed to have boundless energy and weren’t so eager to get back home. Here is a picture of our boys at the zoo – the expression on their faces says it all.

It truly was a wonderful day at the zoo!

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