Handy Helpers

This morning, after my husband left for work, I started our hectic morning routine – getting all 3 sons up and ready for school within an hour. It is a pretty strenuous hour, but we generally get it done and make it to school on time.

Unless one of the these happens

  • I can’t find one of their shoes.
  • All 3 boys need to use the bathroom at the last minute.
  • One of them feels sick.
  • Somebody throws up all over the living room carpet.
  • They flat out refuse to go to school.

…you know, normal stuff 🙂 …

But then today, this happened

No, don’t freak out as yet… None of the kids broke their legs… Neither is mine bandaged in a cast… However, we did have a minor incident this morning. One of the wooden cabinet doors fell off its hinges – onto my foot. Needless to say, I cried out in pain and collapsed in tears on the floor.

I sat on the floor for a few minutes waiting for the pain to subside, but it didn’t. I looked around to see my boys with a grief stricken expression on their faces. They looked scared, concerned and helpless. I assured them I was OK, but in a lot of pain. Gathering my wits around me I tried to get myself off the floor. But when the pain started shooting up again, I knew I needed help.

ENTER: My 3 Handy Helpers

I asked the sons to bring me my phone from the other room. Jason & Jon scurried off to find my phone (probably glad to be of some help) while Judah remained nearby. Jason returned with my phone & Jon brought me a couple of cloth napkins (I have no idea why he brought napkins, but appreciated his desire to help alleviate my suffering).

A quick call to my husband and he was on his way home – he’s such a lifesaver! Have I mentioned that I love him? 😉 Well, I still had to get the sons ready for school by the time hubby dearest reached home. I made yet another attempt to get up and successfully hobbled over to the edge of the nearest bed. My lovely boys listened to my every word (wonder of wonders!) and hurried to carry out my instructions. They got dressed with little or no help from me and they even helped each other out :).

ENTER: My Prince Charming

By the time the kids were dressed, we heard a knock on the door. Judah hastened to open the door to admit my husband. All 3 sons, speaking at the same time, brought my husband up to date as to my plight. Husband took over from there. He brought me an ice pack & sprayed my foot with a pain reliever before leading the sons in a prayer for me. He combed their hair, picked up their bags and proceeded to take them to school. Crisis resolved!

Today, I am thankful… For a husband who would sacrifice anything on this earth to hurry back home when he is needed. And for 3 beautiful boys who are thoughtful, kind and helpful when the need arises.

What are you thankful for today?

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